Take Action

Hackney Council library workers are committed to fighting for each and every job, and to maintain services, resources and facilites at their current level. We care about libraries, the service we provide and the communities in which we work. Hackney Unison is supporting us in our struggle and we have already voted unanimously to take whatever action necessary to defend the service. We have have also passed a motion of no confidence in the Head of Service Ted Rogers. We will seek to reach out to all those who will affected by these cuts and who will fight with us to defend libraries in Hackney.

What can you do?

Sign the Saving Hackney Library Service Petition


Print off one of the template letters supporting library workers in their struggle against these cuts from here, fill it in and send it to the mayor or cabinet member Councillor McShane. Please sign and return asap and do please encourage anyone living, studying or working in the borough to do the same.
Or if you would prefer, write your own message and e-mail them directly on mayor@hackney.gov.uk or Jonathon.mcshane@hackney.gov.uk.

Visit your nearest Hackney Library and talk to the workers. It is important that we work together and are united in our opposition to these cuts to jobs and services.

Support library workers in whatever action we take to defend the library service, even if it may mean inconvenience for library users.

Refuse to use library self-service technology.

Organise autonomous action in defense of workers and community.

Spread the word.

All those interested in working together to defend library jobs and services, please email hackneylibraryworker@riseup.net



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